<![CDATA[Bed Bugs Pest Control Atchison KS How to get rid of Bed Bugs without heat treating - Blog]]>Sun, 06 Nov 2022 06:50:30 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[10 Best ways to spread Bed Bugs in your apartments or Hotels]]>Wed, 03 Jul 2019 20:12:08 GMThttp://hardonbugs.com/blog/10-best-ways-to-spread-bed-bugs-in-your-apartments-or-hotels1. Letting your maintenance staff/tenants use the dreaded bug bombs to try and treat for bed bugs.       (This will guarantee the spreading of bed bugs to other units.)

Not treating your staff’s cars or homes for bed bugs.
(If their cars or homes are infested they will bring the bed bugs to work)

Only heat treating without pesticide or Aprehend follow up.
(Even if properly heat treated the infested units need additional treatment protocols also.)

Crazy preparation protocols having staff/tenants move infected items out of bedrooms.
(moving items out of the bedrooms or infested areas spreads infestation further)

Following preparation protocols that have staff/tenants stand up mattresses and box springs before treatment.
(Bed bugs hate light. Doing this forces them to further retreat into harder to treat hiding places.)

Not doing preventative treatment for bed bugs.               
(Save your sanity be proactive, treat all units with Aprehend  by a professional before you have a problem.)

 Tell your tenants they will be evicted if they have bed bugs.
(What this does is force them to try and treat the problem themselves causing
a small infestation to become a huge infestation.)

Not treating the entire building/s when you have an infestation in 1 or more units.
(you have to get very aggressive to eliminate the problem.) (This doesn’t mean you to spend a bunch of money, you just need to be informed and be smarter.)

Hiring a Pest Control Company that won’t lock in a maximum price of eliminating your bed bug problem. (If they know how to eliminate the problem, they will be confident enough to give you a maximum cost.)(example: moderate infestation eliminated is treated and industry average of 2.5 times.) ....real question is to treat with what???

Having a room/apartment treated with the best treatments will eliminate the problem.  (False, you must have a Technician who knows how to find and treat the bugs.)